​​Hailed as a true renaissance woman by the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment's Radio Show. Dr. K is one of the first singer/songwriters in the world to blend her training as a psychotherapist and non-secular doctor of metaphysical theology into song, offering true therapeutic healing in her lyrics that aligns the mind, body and spirit. Her depth not only comes from her training in academia but also her own personal awakening through non-traditional spirituality, and transmuting unwanted emotional and traumatic experiences into a powerful form of healing that she calls "Sacretherapy" pronounced "sacred-therapy" with a silent "d". As such, Dr. K's music tells the stories of the world's people, with the intention of uplifting and bonding people together in a way that has more to do with healing and connecting mankind to the Source of their being than entertainment.

The fact that she is an actual psychotherapist and Board Certified Alternative Holistic Practitioner naturally adds to her insight and perspective. Her lyrical vulnerability puts her in the category of being almost "folk without a guitar" as she translates the human condition, infusing jazz, gospel, and neo-soul undertones. She has a unique and versatile sound that ranges from sultry tenor to first soprano.  And what comes through her lyrics, whether her resonance is high or low, is a tremendous profundity of thought.  She has written and performed songs for global social projects including:  World Peace, GAIA Earth,  Global Woman Peace Foundation - Female Genital Mutilation, World Hospice Day, WomenArts SWAN Day, and Co-Founded the UR2.Global ARTS project to uplift the self-esteem of humanity where her  song: "I'm Good Enough" is used as the projects theme. The project currently has global liaisons on five (5) continents, thirteen (13) countries and thirty-four (34) cities. As a result, she has been honored as an Artist for Peace and Global Change-maker by Gandhi's BE Magazine. 

Dr. K's musical career began early in her life as she spent most of her formative years in choirs. Born with the gift of vocal music, she was voted as "Most talented" senior in her high school and was also accepted into the Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts.  In college and her early twenties, she performed throughout the east coast doing a psychodrama of her first book "Look Inside & See The Vision", where she offered her musical and poetic interpretations of the human experience, thinking music would be her primary way to soothe human turmoil. However, personal trauma eventually turned her attention toward an interest in psychology and away from her musical pursuits temporarily. Fortunately, however, she was able to come full circle and incorporate aspects of her musical talents into her clinical practice. Thus, as a psychotherapist that sings, she has used music as a powerful healing agent as the former Director of Mental Health Counseling within the school system, as a College Adjunct Psychology Instructor; and as a music/psychodrama consultant to Addiction facilities, The Boys and Girls Club, Cultural Centers, Artist-In-Residency programs, and her global self-esteem ARTS project: UR2.Global.  

She also prescribes music therapy and sound healing in her latest ground-breaking book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy... , which is the first book in history to reframe all 170 mental and emotional diagnoses from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, telling sufferers: you're not sick - you're sacred!  The same message she hopes to convey through her music which she feels is a faster form of relief.  Kemp says that "healing myself took me away from my music, and healing others brought me back".  Thus, her debut album has been a homecoming of sorts. Seven of the songs on her debut album were produced by the very talented and renowned producer/arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Premik Russell Tubbs, who also accompanies her on saxophone and all other instruments; and one song on the album was arranged and produced by the talented arranger/producer/vocalist Kristin Hoffmann.

When not in the recording studio, Dr. K offers therapeutic music as an alternative healing modality during group-work, retreats, and social projects.  She is also interested in inspirational festivals that uplift mankind.

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