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                     The Radio Show Officially Launched on January 1st, 2014

Introduction - A Preview of The From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy®

                                               Radio Show

Show 24 - PART III - Sacretherapy and The Law of Attraction - Manifesting the Life

You Want to Live!

Show 23 - PART II - Sacretherapy and The Law of Attraction - Can We Really Have What We Want?

Show 22 - PART I: Sacretherapy and The Law of Attraction - Can We Really Have What We Want?

Show 21 - Trust Your Own Inner Knowing Like Your Life Depends On it

Show 20  - Suicidal Thoughts PART II - Ascension Back to the Nonphysical Realm

Show 19: Suicidal Thoughts - Reaching for Relief & Connection Back to the Source of One's Being 

Show 18: Aura to Aura - Giving Others the Benefit of the Doubt

Show 17: Forgiving Self & Others: When They Don't Deserve It - But You Do!

Show 16: Honoring Your Journey - Extracting The Good!

Show 15: Staying Clear of the Past - How To Be Here Now!

Show 14: Refusal to Let the Matter Go - Soothing Raging Rage

Show 13: Don't Stay Mad, Get Even with Sacred Rage!

Show 12: Your Real Human & Spiritual Rights - Unspoken but God-given

Show 11: Are You Living the Life You Want to Live - Or the Life You Were Told To Live?

Show 9 - 10: Inspiring Processes for Post-partum Depression, Sexual Issues, & Mental & Emotional Problems

Show 8: Why Your Symptoms Have Symbolic Meaning

Show 7: Understanding You Are A Spiritual Being Creating the Matter

Show 6: Why You Think Something is Wrong With You And How to See It Differently

Show 5: Infidelity - Trying to Honor Oneself & One's Commitment to Another

Show 4 - You're Not Sick - You're Sacred Including Souls Who Come Forth As LGBT

Show 2: Prepare to Discover the Well You - Journey From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy®

Show 3: Continuing to Discover the Well You - Part II

Show 1: New Year's Resolutions - How to Begin Again!

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