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"She'll make you laugh, and make you cry, and lift your vibration to an all time high! As a non-traditional doctor of metaphysical theology and psychotherapist she really gets to the core of the matter, and her book possesses a level of compassion for mankind that is simply beautiful!" 

                           T. Kelly - Miami, FL​​

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Author, metaphysician and licensed psychotherapist and singer-songwriter, Dr. Kemp, is the first psychotherapist and metaphysician in history to re-describe and re-interpret all 170 mental and emotional diagnoses from an alternative and holistic perspective in her groundbreaking book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy - Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide, where she offers 8 Steps uniquely tailored to each soul's individual's journey - where she exclaims "you're not sick - you're sacred!" 

She speaks with authority from both sides of the couch as both a clinician and former client. She has spoken and performed on national platforms with best selling authors such as Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup of the Soul), Dr. C. Norman Shealy (Soul Medicine); Pam Grout - (E-Squared) and Howard Martin (HeartMath). She pokes fun with both the medical model and holistic communities in an attempt to bridge the paradigms. And shares heart-wrenching and belly-aching stories from her cases as she shares glimpses into the souls who have successfully and often painstakingly taken the journey From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy.... 

During her 20 year career as a psychotherapist she has been a former Director of Mental Health Counseling where President Clinton's Secretary of Labor visited her program, a former Adjunct Psychology Instructor for two colleges, a former President of the Broward Mental Health Counselors Association, and a District Representative 
the Florida Mental Health Counselor's 
Association.  (Click here to view full bio.)

​​Keynote, Lecture and Workshop Topics:

  • Integrative Medicine - Aligning the Mind, and Body with Spirit)​
  • Bridging Universal Spiritual Principles with Mental Health
  • Reframing Mental & Emotional Diagnoses
  • You're Not Sick - You're Sacred! - Re-describing and Reinterpreting Mental  ​ Manifestations 
  • Understanding Conditioning, Memes & How Beliefs Impact Well-being
  • Mental Health Alternatives (Including   Support of When Herbal Remedies and     Energy Medicine Help)
  • Healing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors with Sacretherapy
  • Healing Survivors of Souls That Completed Suicide 
  • How to Stop Being Mad at God
  • The Psychology of An Unconditional God
  • Living the Life You Came Forth To Live!
  • A Sacred Understanding of Healing Anger and Rage
  • Holistic Healing and Symbolic Meaning
  • Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine
  • The Psychology of Achievement
  • Consciousness - The Mind Versus The Brain
  • Forgiveness - When You Feel They Don't Deserve It - But You Do!
  • Life Purpose - Fulfilling Your Own Divine Intensions
  • Healing the Healer​ - Realigning Burnout
  • I Want to Take You Higher - Fostering Religious Tolerance and Freedom
  • Realigning ACOA's and Other Dysfunctional Family Patterns
  • Getting On With Life - Letting Go What Goes!
  • Mental and Emotional Well-being and the law of attraction
  • The Law of Attraction - Can We Really Have What We Want
  • Parenting without Controlling
  • How to Raise Your Parents
  • How to Forgive Your Parents
  • How to Forgive Your Adult Children
  • How to Thrive and Realign from Enmeshed and Disengaged Families
  • Removing Self-Reproach - Learning to love the self despite your mistakes
  • Music Therapy 
  • Psychodrama
  • General Well-being

In-service training agencies, conferences, mental  health organizations, spiritual centers and churches, governments, expos, retreats, etc..



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"Dr. Kemp was a brilliant addition to our event featuring Jack Canfield... people in the audience actually had tears in their eyes of relief...

All I can say is... SPECTACULAR SPEAKER!"

Jewels Johnson,

Producer of the Jack Canfield & Friends Event

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"Dr. Kemp is a wonderful friend and colleague. This woman knows what she's talking about. She is a seasoned metaphysician - a seasoned truth student.... We were so blessed by her presence.  She was able to touch many!!"
Reverend Sylvia Sumter - Unity of Washington, D.C.

Seeking a true inspirational speaker!! Tired of speaking engagements with just the typical power-point presentation?  Well, you came to the right place.  Dr. Kemp, a seasoned psychotherapist, Board Certified Holistic Healer and ordained metaphysician, presents heartfelt uplifting "KEYNOTE LECTURE CONCERTS" and/or WORKSHOPS that infuse her groundbreaking book with her original music. Her book is the first of its kind to reframe all 170 mental and emotional diagnoses from a holistic, alternative, metaphysical/spiritual perspective, challenging the traditional medical model to broaden its scope. NOTE: If her added music therapy component is not preferred for your event, her keynote lectures alone are equally empowering.  (Testimonials Below). 

                                                                                            Click Here to View her Book  and  View Dr. K's Music Therapy.

Dr. Kemp was a member of the Oprah Winfrey Network Belief Team   &  Named a Global Change-maker  &  Artist For Peace by Gandhi's BE Magazine



(Partial Calender of Events)

​Sacha Munay Retreat & Yoga Center

Gandhi's BE & UR2.Global

Inner-Peace = World Peace

Sacred Valley, Peru

Edgar Cayce Association

for Research & Enlightenment
Heal and Be Healed Conference
Virginia Beach, VA

​Global Woman Peace Foundation
Washington, DC​​

Unity Eastside
Tallahassee, FL


Showcasing the ARTS to Self-Esteem

USNC for UN Women

"I AM" Global Health Summit

​Houston, TX

Sacretherapy Sedona Retreat
​Sedona, AZ

Angelic Entrepreneurs Summit
London, Europe

Transcending Racial Consciousness with Universal Spiritual Laws

Sacretherapy Training
Jacksonville, FL​​

Couples Healing Retreat
Ponte Vedra, FL -
Valentines Weekend 

Women's History Month Luncheon University Center Club - 
Florida State University


Sacretherapy CSP Training

Tallahassee, FL

University of District of Columbia

Unity Church of Washington, D.C.

The Meditation Museum


Silver Spring, MD

​​Oprah Winfrey Network's

Belief Team Tallahassee Event 



               The Worlds Stage

Interactive Telecast

"Balancing Evidence-Based Protocols with Energy-Based Practices for Mental & Spiritual Health" by Dr. Kemp

Miami, FL Made - World Played



CSP Sacretherapy Training - Tallahassee, FL (9/26)

​Sacretherapy Training   
Orlando, FL  (8/29)

Om Times Magazine Book Spotlight​

Peace Village

 Spiritual Leaders Retreat 

 Catskill, New York (8-12)

Sacretherapy Training

    St. Petersburg, FL

Shamanic Healing Group

Virginia Beach, VA

What Women Want Conference

Tallahassee, FL

Jack Canfield Science Behind

The Law of Attraction

Long Beach, CA

Sedona Creative Life Center

Sedona, Arizona

Your Spectacular Life Shift

Ecuador - International Summit

Awakened Spirit Expo

Atlanta, GA  

Natural Awakenings Magazine

       Healthy Living Expo

Professional Life Coaches of California 

(Book Signing & Overview)

Raleigh Body Mind Spirit Expo

The Light Balancing Center

Holistic Globe Miami Beach Expo

Healing Arts Alliance

State of Florida Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation

State of Georgia Office of Mental Health

& Substance Abuse

School Board of Broward County Guidance Counselors

You Can Women Conference

Maya's House Women's Addiction Facility

Saint Anne's Home for At-Risk Girls

Hillside International Truth Center

In Focus Magazine's Women's Caucas Conference

Covenant Academy

City of Coral Springs - Dr. Martin L. King Jr., Birthday Youth Celebration - M.C.

Thomasville Cultural Arts Center

Deleware State Artist-in-Residence

Boys & Girls Club

Heritage Foundation

The Links Incorporated (North Broward Chapter)

Cher's Hallmark 

Lynn Haven, Fl

   Panama City Beach, FL


Pier Park, Panama City Beach, FL


​​​Back Cover - Praise for Dr. K's  Sacretherapy:

"The only REAL Psychotherapy 

is the Sacred Holistic!"

Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

​Founder and CEO,

International Institute of Holistic Medicine

Editor, Journal of Comprehensive

Integrative Medicine