rom Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy -

Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for

170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide!

"...where aligning with the soul makes you whole..."

What Sets This Book Apart?

  • This book is the first to offer alternative ways to describe, interpret and treat all 170 mental or emotional diagnoses, using holistic universal spiritual and metaphysical influences that honor all paths!

  • This book is the first mental health book that confirms for you that "you're not sick - you're sacred!" And that by learning to tune into your own "inner knowing" which stems from the energy/spiritual core of your being that you unleash the true therapist is within!

  • As the book takes you on a journey From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® and includes the spiritual aspects of your being it not only honors  the mind, body, spiritual connection that is usually left out of traditional counseling, but the book also is the first by a psychotherapist to validate the use of God's energy medicine and how herbal remedies may be helpful for mild to moderate symptoms as they relate to mental health, while also honoring traditional medication when indicated.

  • This book offers 8 Steps to mental and emotional well-being that are easy to follow and tailored to each soul's unique individual journey. It will feel as if you are sitting in the therapy office of the author and she's speaking directly to you, as she guides you through all the healing exercises and aligning processes in the book.  And, the author is available by phone or Skype for Sacretherapy® coaching, along with others that are soon to become Certified Sacretherapists all around the world.

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