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Specialties Treated:

Anxiety - due to current stress, past trauma (PTSD),

and/or phobias;

Depression, bipolars, and other

mood related distress;

Substance abuse and dependence:
alcohol, food, and religious addictions;

Personality issues such as:

borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic personalities;

Loss via divorce or bereavement (grief),

chronic illness and

diagnosis of terminal dis-ease;

cultural syndromes;

Relationships such as dating dynamics,

couples and marital discord

(Pre-marital counseling is strongly encouraged)

and other relational events such as:

preparing to become new parents and creating a

sacred space to cultivate the

new soul that has come forth;

Existential issues: 

how we serve the world via

one's life work and career,

to empty-nesting and redefining meaning,

to cultivating one's physical life journey via

retirement and elderly life reviews.

Paranormal Issues:

clairvoyance beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding,

Extra Sensory Perception (Sixth Sense),

Communicating with departed loved ones

Psychic abilities versus Psychosis

Holistic interventions are eclectic and psycho-spiritual in nature, and depend on whatever the client or groups needs and prefers, and can include:

some aspects of:

traditional Cognitive-Behavioral therapies, along with



Gestalt influences,

as well as alternative healing modalities than can also include aspects of

Neuro-linguistic programming,


Meditation, Psychodrama, Energy medicine, Reiki, Breath-work, Music therapy, Art therapy, Aromatherapy and Tai Chi.

Some therapies are only offered during workshops and retreats.

(NOTE:  Certified Sacretherapy® Practitioners are encouraged to enter their treatment outcomes into the

Sacretherapy® Institute Research Database.)

Certified Sacretherapy® Practitioners Needed Worldwide!

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Holistic psychotherapy - includes all aspects of your being - mind, body and spirit and is what we term as Sacretherapy® - an alternative and holistic treatment modality and registered trademark of the Dr. Kemp and the Sacretherapy® Institute. This form of holistic therapy includes traditional psychotherapy but is more comprehensive since it treats the whole person. Anyone not interested in holistic psychotherapy may click here for "traditional psychotherapy".

Holistic psychotherapy is offered by Dr. Kemp because of her noticing the stigma of mental health diagnoses and how it affected the self-esteem of many people, and, how it left out the spiritual aspects of those who believe they have a spirit and spiritual connection to a higher power. As such, Dr. Kemp sought multiple alternative and holistic interventions to fill this void, by attaining a non-secular doctorate in metaphysical theology to compliment her masters degree in mental health counseling.  Metaphysical theology contributed to her respect for the diversity of all spiritual paths, trusting they all lead to the same God-Source Creator of the universe. Thus, holistic healing does not focus on any specific religion but instead acknowledges that the client is a threefold being - mind, body and spirit, with spirit being the eternal part of one's being.

Thus, Sacretherapy® was born out of Dr. Kemp's pursuit to acknowledge the spiritual aspects and uplift, heal, and empower the 57.7 million adults in the U.S. and 450 million worldwide (ages 18+) with mental diagnoses. Many of whom that are seeking alternative solutions.  She coined the term Sacretherapy® because she felt it captures the essence of alternative and holistic healing - restoring the sacredness of one's sense of value and worth, believing that the details of one's life are "sacred," and as such, healing can be too! Her groundbreaking book titled: "From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy®" states in no uncertain terms that:

"You're not sick - You're sacred!"

The book describes the treatment modality and includes 8 Steps to achieving the mental and emotional well-being that you desire. Please feel free to first take a peek inside the book to see the Table of Contents and Introduction and featured pages at If the description resonates with your spirit please feel free to call the office for an appointment for holistic therapy. 

I work with both civilian and military families with a focus on women and couples  that truly want to heal and change.  Thus, making changes are usually required to achieve the happier and healthier quality of life you seek. As such, therapy is not simply about venting but must also be about transformation. It is understood that cumulative life circumstances brought you to where you are, so it is hoped that you are entering the therapeutic process to move beyond, and take back your power.  It is my belief that any mental or emotional issue that has gone out of alignment in one's life, can be healed and realigned if it is truly wanted. (See my "Specialties" to the right).

Also, if you or anyone you know is currently experiencing suicidal thoughts, there is a chapter in the book specifically dedicated to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. (According the the National Institute for Mental Health Statistics - every 18 minutes someone commits suicide). Therefore, this chapter was added in response to that sacred matter.

Everyone, of course, is in different places in their physical journey and therefore, anyone, interested in therapy without involving spiritual aspects, may click on the link "traditional psychotherapy", Dr. Kemp is well-trained in both and simply believes you deserve the choice.  To learn more about her training and experience as a psychotherapist and holistic healer - Click Here.

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