For Immediate Release - October 4, 2017  Contact: Lamarr Kemp -

New Song: Bosom Buddies by Dr. K's Music Therapy, Uplifts & Fundraises for Breast Cancer Survivors During October's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tallahassee, FL - October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and UR2.Global President, psychotherapist/metaphysician and singer/songwriter - Dr. Amelia Kemp who performs as Dr. K's Music Therapy has just released and written an original song titled "Bosom Buddies" to fund-raise and uplift the spirits and self-esteem of survivors, and motivate others to get their exams. The song was produced by Producer of the Year - Aubrey Whitfield in London who has also produced for X Factor, Kelly Clarkson and others. One Hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Kemp states that "Nothing can cause a person to lose their sense of inner-peace more than learning that their body-temple is diagnosed with a life-threatening manifestation. But women can get through these situations with faith, love, inner-peace and the support of one's true "bosom buddies" that the lyrics of the song suggests is the spirit within. And music is healing in and of itself, and can raise and harmonize the vibration of one's cellular matrix."

Kemp's compassion for the cause came after what she shares was one of the most anxiety-evoking weeks of her life this year, "After a routine test, I received an abnormal mammogram and was asked to come back to do a re-test, which thank God was normal! But the week of waiting for the new results was nerve-wrecking. I thought of all the women I had counseled about this in my office - who had a partial or full mastectomy. I thought of friends and family members, some who have gone on to glory, and my heart went out to all of them realizing how they must have felt in that moment. And both of my parents had transitioned with cancer. So I thought of what the author - Louise Hay had stated in her book, "You Can Heal Your Body" with regard to why breast issues possibly manifest which she states has to do with "over-mothering and overly nurturing others or the world and putting oneself last." And I welled-up thinking "Well God, I have been very busy trying to uplift the entire world - and have let a few things slide. Oops!"

She continued, "To soothe myself, while waiting for the results, I would just hum, which is something that soothes me as a singer. I told myself that no matter what the result, God was with me and my bosom did not define who I was at my core.  As a psychotherapist, I've witnessed how lots of women's self-esteem is lowered by the changes in their bosom. So I wondered how could I reinterpret this differently if it happened to me. Then when the relief finally came that my results were "negative", in my deepest gratitude the lyrics to this song poured from my spirit that unbeknownst to me went with the melody that I had been humming all week. I wondered if that experience was meant for me to feel the life-altering anguish other women have felt in order to bring forth this song and help remind women of who they are at their core, no matter what. I pray the song raises funds to help with the education, advocacy and free mammograms for those unable to afford them that the National Breast Cancer Foundation provides." To donate and hear the song: "Bosom Buddies" click here: For more information email: Lamarr at