30 Minute Coaching - $70
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For Out of State clients, life coaching is offered (see below). For Florida Residents You May Select Online Life Coaching or Tele-Health Psychotherapy. If  you want to use Insurance for Psychotherapy Click Here.  Otherwise, if you prefer Life Coaching read below:


ife Coaching Consults or Psychotherapy

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However, if you are a Florida resident you may use insurance for online sessions if you choose psychotherapy instead of life coaching. Click Here

Package (4) 45M - $320

Package (4) 60M - $440

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For Those Seeking Holistic Solutions!


Get Coached Two Methods:

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  1. Available via secure conference and/or phone for women around the world.

    2. Available onsite at conferences and retreats for both women and men.               

       (Any men that I meet and coach in person may also schedule additional              

       coaching consults via online or phone.)                     

Benefits and Limitations

Thanks to the wonderful request that I have received for extra support through the Eight (8) Steps of my book, from people outside of the state of Florida, I have elected to offer "Coaching" services which may be accessed by anyone throughout the world that is interested in this holistic approach, via internet or phone. Coaching services are not the same as psychotherapy so please read the difference below. My coaching is certified by the Certified Life Coach Institute which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

(Difference Between Life Coaching & Psychotherapy)

It must be noted, however, that "coaching" is NOT  the same as psychotherapy and not for deep-seated issues. As such, I've chosen to offer "coaching" because it allows me to communicate with those outside of my state about the book and supports the Sacretherapy® premise that "the true therapist is within each person."  Thus, as the inner knowing from your higher self is being honed and realized via the steps of my book,  coaching allows me to offer you my presence, spirit to spirit, as you clarify your divine intentions, honor your journey, create new meaning, and embrace the "current matter in your life." You will tap into your higher self which is loving and compassionate, as coaching assists you with how to come into alignment with your own internal guidance; goal-setting, action steps, and follow-through; all of which can inspire the beautiful manifestation of your heart's desires.

Therefore, since as stated above "coaching" is NOT  the same as psychotherapy, the fact that I am also a psychotherapist only means that I also possess that breadth of knowledge, but it is not mixed with it.  And therefore, "coaching" by itself is not appropriate for issues such as suicidal ideation, self-mutilation, and any serious manifestations involving danger/violence, or fantasies of danger/violence to self or others. Therefore, if it is deemed that your needs are beyond the limits of coaching, it will be suggested that you obtain a mental health professional in your local area to assist you in coming back into alignment.


If you are being offered a coaching consult at one of my retreats, you need not take any additional steps, since your coaching consult is included in the retreat. Anyone else, that would like to schedule a "coaching" consult with me to assist you through the 8 Steps of the book or a related issue, please follow the below three (3) steps:

1) Pre-pay for your appointment via the link on the right. Coaching via internet or phone must be a minimum of 30 minutes even if you feel you have a quick question.  45 minute and 60 minute sessions are much more comprehensive and allow time for processing. Coaching at conferences or expos must also be a minimum of 30 minutes (paid onsite).  Insurance companies do not reimburse for coaching.

If you were offered a discount for making an advanced appointment at one of our retreats, or a conference or expo, your credit card will be credited the discount within 72hrs after your payment.

2) Once payment is received, we will email you the coaching agreement to sign which confirms that you understand that utilizing my coaching service is not the same as my psychotherapy services. Therefore, I will be your "life coach" supporting you through the Sacretherapy® steps and not your "therapist." The form will also restate the limits of coaching, and ask you to attest to the fact that you are at least 21 years of age; and that during the past 12 months you have not been suicidal, self-mutilating, or homicidal.

3)  Once the form has been signed and returned, your appointment will be scheduled. Be sure to add your email address to your payment so that we may send you the form. NOTE: Individuals receiving a coaching consult at a conference, expo or retreat may also sign the form onsite.

Thank you. I look forward to coaching you.