Certified Sacretherapy® Training Mountain Retreat - May 27-29, 2017

Accommodations & Assorted Activities    


Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia

May 27-29, 2017

$ 650 - 2 Night/3 days (Saturday - Monday)

           Includes: Luxury Cabin Lodging & Private Bathroom, Food and All Retreat Activities: 

Check in 3pm Saturday 

 (Musical Instruments Welcome)

NO REFUNDS after April 1st

(NOTE: Retreat May Be Canceled Due to insufficient Registration

& All Monies Will Be Refunded)

To Register Please Complete the Below Form 

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Travel to Retreat Not Included

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CSE - Clergy & Spiritual Healers Sacretherapy® Educator Training Retreat:

NOTE: Mental Health Professionals this training is NOT geared for you. Please Click Here for your CSP Trainings

Become a Certified Sacretherapy® Educator Certification (CSE)

NOTE: Both Certified Sacretherapy® Certification and Courses
are offered as ELECTIVES without credit units for clergy and spiritual healers and practitioners

wanting to bring the broadest holistic perspective to their services. ​

Training covers the entire Sacretherapy® process with special emphasis on the mental health aspects  of the Sacretherapy® treatment modality along with when to make the proper referral.

Course includes:

Sacretherapy® Manual

Certification and Certificate

Listing As a Certified Sacretherapy® Educator (CSE) on Sacretherapy® Practitioner Locator Webpage

Optional Portable Desk Reference 
(Not included)

​Registration Fees Are Reduced for Groups.


I invite you as my spiritual colleagues to join me in this sacred land with its breath-taking views, as we realign with spirit. Here you will learn about Sacretherapy in a place of beauty and grace, able to take home with you healing tools and information that will serve you and your clients and/or congregants a lifetime. Here we go beyond the medical model's traditional view of mental and emotional diagnoses and view them from a higher consciousness of light and love, blended with metaphysical, Transpersonal, and Jungian paradigms. As we enter the Creator's sanctuary we won’t be able to stay for as long as we want, but we will stay for as long as we can.

Trusting that there is something holy and majestic about the mountains that calls out to the spirit to come home, be still, reflect and reconnect with our inner knowing. It's a sanctuary for sacred renewal and represents a higher consciousness beckoning us to go to higher ground where we are able to heal ourselves and others, and, hear ourselves think. And so, it is here where we will break bread together and bask in the healing light of the Creator as we review the 8 Steps of my book: ​“From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® - Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide!"

Below are sample luxury mountain cabins we have used in the past just to give you an idea of the same or equivalent accommodations we will enjoy. Beneath the photos is the registration fee and contact form if you would like to register.