Los Angeles, CA

So many doctors label people with illness instead of looking to the spiritual causes of disease and treating people with dignity and respect. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual understanding of what it really means to be a "well being." When you look at human beings from a more holistic perspective, it opens your mind to a brand new way to help people! Don't wait to get this book. It will change your perspective and therefore change your life.


Santa Ana, CA

"You're Not Sick, You're Sacred" is a powerful statement and revelation because it eliminates the inner feelings that some people have of themselves that they are less than and not fully valued in both their life and society...  The Eight steps to well-being Dr. Kemp gives us is both useful and easy to follow (what a concept). Dr. Kemp's words of encouragement is a power lifter of self-confidence and self-esteem for anyone that has the opportunity to read this powerful book.


Durham, NC 

I came to your lecture in Raleigh. You really know  your stuff, very professional and       so encouraging.        

I love how your book offers a more positive way to view all mental diagnoses.


Raleigh, NC

The first chapter gave me chills! Can't wait to go through the steps!


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Tallahassee, FL

"This book is a blessing! Just what's needed for church folks combining the spiritual with the natural! I'm a licensed ordained minister and this book is going to help me handle issues by giving me the steps to take and a reference forever!"


Quincy, FL

"Where was this good information 30 years ago on Post- partum depression - it surely would have helped me with the transition into motherhood!"


Silver Spring, MD

"I couldn't get a fix on who and what the Creator was or my connection to what people call God, until I read your book. Thank you for breaking the "matter" down. It makes so much sense. I like knowing that I really am a sacred being connected to this universal God-source."


Coral Gables

"What your book says about Alzheimer's gave me an entirely different way of seeing it and brought me peace about my father."


Ft. Lauderdale

"When I read the words "you're not sick, you're sacred", I knew this book would help me and it truly has. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


‚ÄčWashington, DC

"I cried tears of relief through the whole book...."


Tallahassee, FL

"If I heard this 40 years ago, my whole life would have gone differently...."


Atlanta, GA

"This is the most powerful empowering book I've read since Louise Hay...."


Boca Raton, Fl

"This is so beautiful, I'm a healer and worked on someone with bipolar who was never this grounded until she read your book...."


Miami, FL

"I can finally be me without feeling that I'm a freak or being punished...."


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