Specialties Treated:

Anxiety - due to current stress, past trauma (PTSD),

and/or phobias;

Depression, bipolars, and other

mood related distress;

Substance abuse and dependence:
alcohol, food, and religious addictions;

Personality issues such as:

borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic personalities;

Loss via divorce or bereavement (grief),

chronic illness and

diagnosis of terminal dis-ease;

cultural syndromes;

Relationships such as dating dynamics,

couples and marital discord

(Pre-marital counseling is strongly encouraged)

and other relational events such as:

preparing to become new parents and creating a

sacred space to cultivate the

new soul that has come forth;

Existential issues

such as how we serve the world via

one's life work and career,

to empty-nesting and redefining meaning,

to cultivating one's physical life journey via

retirement and elderly life reviews.



raditional Psychotherapy

​Get On the Couch 

" I will  help provide you with the

skills and tools

to heal and restore yourself,

and your relationships.

If you have a mental or emotional diagnoses, I help will help you remove the stigma and pathology generally associated with mental and emotional diagnoses - freeing you from the conditioning and memes that may have prevented you from

 living the happier life

you came forth to live."

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        Tele-Health Online Therapy Sessions via Zoom.

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Traditional psychotherapy focuses on the "bio-psycho-social" aspects of your being. That is, any biological, psychological and or sociological issues that may be impacting you, your relationships and/or mental health, and generally leaves spirituality out, unless it is regarding bereavement.  

Whereas, Holistic therapy includes all aspects of your being: mind, body and spirit - and also includes traditional therapy. It is termed "holistic" because it deals with the "whole" person, in contrast to traditional therapy as noted above that generally leaves out your spirit.

I defined both above recognizing that some people do not want to include spirituality. Likewise, I am trained in both, and honor the fact that traditional psychotherapy has also been beneficial for some diagnoses. Therefore, I offer both "traditional" and "holistic" therapy even though I am mostly well-known as a holistic healer as a result of my book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy  (pronounced "sacred-therapy" with a silent "d"). 

I work with both civilian and military families with a focus on women and couples  that truly want to heal and change.  Thus, making changes are usually required to achieve the happier and healthier quality of life you seek. As such, therapy is not simply about venting but must also be about transformation. It is understood that cumulative life circumstances brought you to where you are, so it is hoped that you are entering the therapeutic process to move beyond, and take back your power.  It is my belief that any mental or emotional issue that has gone out of alignment in one's life, can be healed and realigned if it is truly wanted. (See my "Specialties" to the right).