raditional Psychotherapy

"If you choose traditional psychotherapy, I honor your choice to leave spirituality out of the treatment plan and will  help you to heal and restore yourself and your relationships.

And, if you have a mental or emotional diagnoses, I help will help you remove the stigma and pathology generally associated with mental and emotional diagnoses - freeing you from the conditioning and memes that may have prevented you from

 living the life

you came forth to live."

(Most Insurances Accepted)

Traditional psychotherapy is available and honors your right to leave spirituality out of the treatment plan. This allows you - the client to be empowered with the choice to include it or not.

Therefore, traditional psychotherapy focuses on the "bio-psycho-social" aspects of your being. That is, any biological or sociological issues that may be impacting you, your relationships and/or mental health.

Traditional psychotherapy has been helpful to many people and includes counseling. The focus is on women, couples and individuals that truly want to heal and change - not simply justify why they feel they cannot.

It is understood that culmulative life circumstances brought you to where you are, so it is hoped that you are entering the therapeutic process to move beyond, and take back your power in order to enjoy a higher quality of life.  It is our belief that any mental or emotional issue that has gone out of alignment in one's life, can be healed if it is truly wanted.