3) Gandhi's BE Magazine honored Dr. K as an "Artist for Peace" and Global  Change-maker. This tremendous synergy of likeminds resulted in our Annual  joint Partnership and Fundraiser for our not-for-profit project organizations, striving to uplift mankind globally with our theme: "When Inner-Peace Is Accomplished - World Peace Is Achieved!"  The 2017 Annual Retreat and Spiritual Journey is taking place in Machu Picchu Peru this July 9-15, 2017.  The project features performing artists from around the globe along with spiritual leaders and authors of like-mind helping to uplift the vibration of the planet. Dr. K wrote a special song for the event that all participants will help sing as part of the finale in Peru (which is a dinner theatre psychodrama.  The song is called- GAIA: The Mountain Calls (Sacred Geometry).  

2)  UR2.Global's Self-Esteem Project Theme song is titled: I'm Good Enough! - After having been a psychotherapist for two decades Dr. K noticed that many people feel that they are not good enough: parents, workers, friends, kids, etc., and so she wrote the song and produced the music video  to send a resounding message that we are ALL, in fact, "good enough!" The project has had  over 900,000 impressions.  As a result of the success of the project's goal to uplift the self-esteem of humanity, UR2.Global has partnered with Gandhi's BE Magazine on the below  joint fundraising project for world peace. 

4) Self-esteem project "Leave Me Be!" forGlobal Woman Peace Foundation to heal FGM/C - Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting practiced in 30 African nations as well as     those affected in the U.S. This psycho-spiritual and psycho-educational video is to assist in transcending the perception  of a woman's value and worth to her brain, heart, and spirit versus her sexual anatomy. Fifty-percent of the song's  donations go to covering the cost for the surgeries of the survivors of FGM/C.  Click Thumbnail to view Music Video.

1) UR2.Global - UR2 means "You Are Too  (UR2) - a significant, valuable, and wonderful being. The project is a psycho-spiritual ARTS project and was co-founded by Dr. Kemp who is also a singer/songwriter, uplifting the self-esteem of humanity. UR2.Global showcases inspiring arts entries from artists around the world, and currently has global liaisons on five continents with over 900,000 media impressions. UR2.Global is a project of The Sacretherapy Institute - a 501-C3 Not-For-Profit Organization.  Click here to visit: UR2.Global 

​Dr. K's Social Projects - Uplifting Humanity

8) The song "SHE" was created to uplift the self-esteem of women artists and won 3rd place out of 177 entries in the International SWAN DAY Celebration to "Support Women Artists Now".  We are honored to have been apart of such a meaningful celebration for women artists globally. And were delighted to learn that there were 177 other song entries, so this was a tremendous honor!!!

The song and music video taps into the importance of individual empowerment, especially for souls that feel they have been discriminated against and/or disenfranchised. As such, the song "SHE" and music video, was created to assist in reminding women that each of us can emerge and live up to our most sacred potential which is often found in our creativity. 

The examples of women in the video give voice to this declaration. And we are so proud to feature all of them, Also, based on our project's mission and the force driving my Dr. K's Music Therapy, we presume you understand that the women in the video are simply "examples" of beacons of light, and do not usurp the light from others. Therefore, we hope this video empowers women to know that UR2 (you are too!) beacons of light, that the world is waiting the see shone.  

7) Oprah Winfrey Network BELIEF TEAM - It was such an honor to have been a member of the Belief Team  Project!!!  Click Here for More Details.  Spiritual leaders across the world were called on to spearhead conversations in our local communities about "Beliefs" and promote the series. Dr. Kemp's organization was the lead coordinator for her community joined by Unity Eastside, Unity of Tallahassee, and the Light Balancing Center. The luncheon was a beatiful dialogue and success with the Interfaith community.

Dr. Kemp stated, "I  loved Oprah's Belief series because it echoes what I say in my book, "Embracing the idea that there is more than one right way to tap into spirit or the source of the universe that many of us call God, would mean becoming cognizant that life is being lived beyond the borders of one's neighborhood of like-minded sociology and theology; and that there is diversity and contrast of universal proportions with equally valid scripture trumpeting the same God source." (pg. 2) .... and "depending on one's beliefs, conditioning, and memes ... we can feel the presence of spirit when we vibrate at the resonance of gratitude, compassion, appreciation...." (Kemp, From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy....pg.229-230)   

6) The music video and song: If We Could Just Be Still was created to garner World Peace dedicated to The United Nations NGO's who tirelessly offer  their services to uplift mankind attempting to help people appreciate the diversity of cultural and spiritual differences.

5)  Self-esteem project: "If It's My Last" for The World Hospice Organization's World Hospice Day - to assist souls in transitioning back to the Creator, created for all Hospice Centers Worldwide, believing that how a person feels about themselves at the end of their physical journey is just as important as it is throughout their lives. Received over 137,500 media impressions.