Weekly Thoughts From the Couch: 

"We talked on the radio about how the United Nations declared this year "2015" as the year of light. As such, let us relish in how this light permeates the fiber of our being and send its energy out to those hiding in the shadows of their                                                                own brilliance."

                                                            -                      Amelia

 Kemp's book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy®  is the 1st to offer alternative and holistic ways to describe, interpret and treat all 170 mental and emotional diagnosis worldwide!!! 

Kemp has lectured on

National platforms

with alongside Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) (pictured above);  

Pam Grout (E-Squared) and

Howard Martin (HeartMath); 

as well as other experts.

"The book,

From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy

is powerful and impressive!"

  Jackie Lapin - Best Selling Author

(The Art of Conscious Creation)

"Dr. Kemp was a brilliant addition to our event featuring Jack Canfield... people in the audience actually had tears in their eyes of relief...

All I can say is... SPECTACULAR SPEAKER!"

Jewels Johnson,

Producer of the Jack Canfield & Friends Event


   Author Interview

      College Dean

Gentlemen Participant


 College President

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Sacretherapy Courses Available Now!  

July 9th - CSP Sacretherapy Training

August 29th - CSE Sacretherapy Training

Sept 26th - CSP Sacretherapy Training

CSP - Certified Sacretherapy Practitioner Course

                   for Mental Health Professionals

CSE - Certified Sacretherapy Educator Course

                  for Clergy & Spiritual Practitioners

          Online Classes Also Coming Soon!

"This is a bona fide holistic and alternative healing model

..It is also ideal for healers who want to bring

           the broadest possible perspective to their work."           

Mary Jo Klingel, LCSW

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As a licensed psychotherapist and metaphysician, I believe in an integrative approach to healing that includes the mind, body and spiritual aspects of being. I hold a masters degree in mental health counseling;  with a non-secular doctorate in metaphysical theology. This combined knowledge fortified my desire to bridge universal spiritual principles with mental health that honors all paths.  

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I believe holistic approaches can fortify your ability to change your life and release whatever matter interferes with living the life you came forth to live. So I want you to know: The well-being and joy you seek is still achievable! By utilizing specific steps that get to the core of the matter, you can realign with your own 'inner knowing' -  the ​true therapist within!"

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Sacretherapy allows the fullness of your being to be honored using holistic techniques that empower, remove stigma and pathology confirming: you're not sick - you're sacred!

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